Was so happy, now


I was so happy today, cause I had my first IUI on Friday, and I’m just looking forward to finally seeing a BFP (hopefully!), and then today, I found out another one of my closest friends is pregnant…two of them have due dates two days apart. How do you get past the depression of friends being pregnant? I mean, I am very excited for them, but just so frustrated at the same time! I was going strong, in such a good mood, and so hopeful! But every new friends pregnancy brings me back down to reality…
I was also finally accepting the fact that if these two cycles don’t work, it may be years before we have children. I was FINALLY accepting that, and now I realize that every time a friend says they’re pregnant, it makes me want it more. Will that feeling ever go away? Is there any tips on how to get through friends pregnancies?


Hi there,
Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize! I know it is really upseting hearing of other pregnancies but sometimes that can put additional stress on you. The last thing you need is stress when trying to get preggo. Just do the best you can and remember it is a process which needs to be taken step by step… You will get there!
Loads of baby dust to you for this month! It took us over 11 years of trying so patience is the biggest key! Good luck! If you need to talk to someone just pm me at anytime…


It can be hard. I deal with it a lot as a matter of fact I have a baby shower to go to next weekend. I had another one to go to a few weeks ago and opted out of that one. You just have to live your life day by day. It’s okay for your to get frustrated and upset at hearing stuff like that, but you have to keep you focus and realize everyone has their own struggles. While our struggle is IF there’s no telling what their personal struggle is… God gives us this issues because we are the woman that are strong enough to deal with it and overcome it.
:pray: for you! :grouphug: