washed sperm counts?


I am so frustrated because this IUI cycle seemed to be going great, then I went in for the IUI and the counts were only 6 million with 64% motility. My RE thinks that is fine, but obviously more would have been better. It seems like every month there is a problem with the follicles, lining, or sperm - we can never get it to come together at once.

I’ve read all over the internet, and there are so many different articles about washed sperm count. One said you need a minimum of 1 million motile sperm, other said five million sperm total or 10 million motile sperm. That is a very wide range of opinions. [B]Anyone know the minimum amount of motile sperm to have a good chance at a BFP?[/B] :pray:


While i don’t think there is a minimum number of motile sperm to to get BFP. I’ve seen a girl get twins out of a IUI with 700k post wash sperm. So really anything is possible.

Some RE’s want a minimum of 5 million total motile but MY RE wants nothing under 10 million total motile. My RE doesn’t go by the total count but only the total motile count. Which is basically taking the total count and subtract that by the % of motility and then you’ve got the amount of sperm that is swimming in the right direction.


My husband had 18 million post wash, 75% motility. The doctor said she likes to see anything over 10 million.


I assume donor vs fresh also makes a difference: freezing is hard on sperm and even the ones that make it have a shorter life expectancy. I see you are not using a donor, so that helps.

Also, frankly, it matters because if you are fortunate enough to be able to use your partner’s sample, well then whatever the numbers are, you’re going to go with them–it’s just a matter of getting your hopes up or not. But if you are using a donor and the numbers are bad, you switch donors.

In other words, a doctor might think a count for a donor sample was “low” or “problematic” if it was low enough to make conception 25% less likely because if you are paying for it, you want to max out your chances. However, that exact same count would be seen as “fine” or “good odds” from a partner, because it still gives you 75% more of a chance of having your partner’s baby than you would have without the IUI.


I guess in theory you could get a BFP with 1 motile sperm. That being said, I have heard from multiple REs that 5mil or more is ideal. Less is possible. I’ve also heard that over 10mil doesn’t really matter what it is. So whether it is 10mil or 20mil doesn’t make a huge difference. I got my BFP with 7.5mil, so you are pretty close to that.


We had out IUI this morning and my RE said he likes to see total count post-wash as anything above 10 million. I was very nervous about this because DH has had some issues but luckily we were above that after lots of vitamins and supplements!! But, as others have said, people get pregnant with less so try to stay positive! :babydust: to you!!


I am not sure of the minimum… I know that some sperm banks have a guarantee of a certain number. My DS numbers are in my sig, all were frozen, and the tech told me that they were from the same donation, even though they varied greatly in numbers (broke his donation up into multiple usable samples).


I saw a girl who posted on the :bfp: thread who only had 360,000 post wash! I couldn’t believe it! I would say that you definitely have a good chance with your numbers. Sometimes it just comes down to luck, if that one sperm meets that one egg. This is what makes it SO frustrating! :grr:


I have to agree, its really just down to luck of 1 sperm meeting with that one egg.

I had 4 IUIs before getting preg with my first child. My husband’s numbers were out of this world and I had a BUNCH of follies and NOTHING happened.

THe last time I did it, I actually TALKED to the test tube before the Dr came in for the IUI. I gave them a pep talk (hey, poeple talk to plants, right?)

I said “Guys, there are MILLIONS OF YOU and I just need ONE OF YOU to find a HUGE MASSIVE EGG. Make it happen.” That time it worked.

Had an IUI on 12/1 and 12/2 and decided to talk to the tube again. My Dr called my DH an “overachiever” with his numbers, but I told her - there may be a lot but they are lazy and blind - so I gave them a pep talk."

We will see what happens, but really, it only takes ONE and they aren’t really swimming anywhere.

Good luck!


Thanks, girls! I really appreciate the comments. I have obsessively read through so many BFP posts, and while a lot of the BFPs had good sperm samples, a lot of them were not stellar. I do think a lot comes down to timing and luck. I’m so worried my RE is going to recommend IVF next, and I really don’t want to go there. We just need the good follicles/thick lining/high number of motile sperm to come together in one month!