We all need a little break from thinking cycle


I thought we could give a little insite as to what we are doing for thanksgiving this year. We all need a little break from thinking cycle. What are you doing? What are you thankfull for this year? My family does Thanksgiving dinner on the Sun before. So I already have all the leftovers. I take my mom to Chinese buffet on Thanksgiving. I am thankfull for my mom still being here she had breast cancer last year. I am thankfull for still having my job. And thankfull for being about to ttc myself.


Great Thread!!! :cheer:

Our Thanksgiving tradition is going to Disneyland!! We leave after work/school on Wednesday and go to the 2 parks Thurs, Fri, & Saturday. We’ve been doing it since my daughter was 18 months old and now she’s almost 8 years old!

I’m thankful for my daughter, family, and having a job. :slight_smile: