We are pregnant!


[QUOTE=“minerva71, post: 1870630, member: 87369”]Yes yes, it was my first egg donation cycle, I didn’t do IVF, IUI or something. And at this age chances are not huge believe me. Surely it’s a great luck. I know younger women who just undergo cycle by cycle and no go even when they use donor eggs. Anyway, positive thinking is very important, you just need to believe. I think it’s one of the keys to success.
When is her 12th week? Are you going to come and see her personally? Or maybe it’s a scype call? Can imagine your excitement. Hugs xx[/QUOTE]
mine was too as you remember, I was so excited about it and thrilled. I was worrying a lot and I thought I would never cope with it.
you are totally right; positive thinking is what we need during the pregnancy.
It is going to be in a few weeks, yes, we believe we will be able to see our surrogate personally, but frankly I’m not sure about it because my husband could be at work, and couldn’t take days off. But if he couldn’t I would be ok with the skype call.
what about you? when is your scan?


[QUOTE=“ladybird345, post: 1870554, member: 87389”]Hello to all!
I want to share my positive result. As you probably know, I was recommended a surrogacy.
So we have started our journey in biotex.
Yesterday we got to know our surrogate is pregnant!
I feel like I’m walking on the air. frankly I didn’t expect such a vertiginous whirl of fortune, I thought we would fail this try but no. The God heard our prayers.
Now we are waiting for the ultrasound. I can’t stand waiting this time, hope it will be fun and we will see our baby.
Good luck for everyone who are trying to get pregnant!!!

Aww, this is positive news. I am glad of you. I have also been through Bio texcom. I first knew about it online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9aRuufzCYA. I then decided to go give it a try as many of their clients had positive remarks. I am so proud to be part of them. I have had my 2 IVF with them. I would have not been more proud than this. Being a parent is the best thing that ever happened to me. I ma glad to see other who have been through the same journey. I ma delighted of your successful story. Can you imagine now that the 2018 economy package is running out. So people only have this week to register. They have high success rate compared to other clinics and very affordable. I do hope that the pregnancy will be smooth on your surrogate. May you make it to hold your bundle of joy in your hands.


Wish you all the best of luck, ladies! So glad to read any of the pregnancy announcements! This means people are blessed with their well deserved kids. Our second transferred using donor egg was successful. They put back 2 embies, but just one of them made home. My heart did go for both, beautiful twins, but we’re happy with one. We have a baby we were meant to have.
Currently we’re thinking of another ivf cycle for a sibling :blush:


I am so proud of you guys. I have also been through surrogacy in Bio tex clinic. And the day I realized that my surrogate was pregnant i was overwhelmed. I am so happy that it also worked for you guys. I do hope the best for the remaining period of pregnancy. I hope your story will encourage someone. All the best dear. There are several potential reasons why you may be advised to opt for a surrogacy programme. If you have been diagnosed with an unconducive uterus. Surrogacy may augment your chances of pregnancy. Similarly, if you have struggled with implantation in the past. Surrogacy offers you a haven to grow an embryo to term. Alternatively, your doctor may recommend surrogacy if you have medical or surgical conditions due to which carrying a pregnancy can pose a risk to your health or life. Surrogacy is also a valid path to single parenthood.


Hey! Friends of mine used biotex. To be fair, there are other clinics in Ukraine that are great as well. Moreover you will find similar plans there. The reason they chose biotex is because they independently read a lot of great reviews online. There isn’t as much info in the US forums as there are in European forums. Evidently because Ukraine is only a two or three hour flight for most of them. After all, even if they had decided to pursue adoption, they would’ve probably have paid a similar amount of money at the end of it all. And they are more likely to have been waiting a lot longer. As for US surrogacy, it is half the price, and nowhere near the hassle!!