We are taking a leap


I’m new to this so bare with me.
I’m 35, and getting ready for IUI, with donor sperm. IVF maybe in the future, but due to they cost would be a year out.
My husband had non hodgkin’s.
We are longing to have a family of our own, but like most americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
If we were not suffering from IF, and just got pregnant, it would be a miracle.
I know that all children are miracles, blessed by God, regardless of the means.
But am I bending to God’s will or against it?
I’ve been telling myself that God will provide. That our friends have raised their children with less.

I would lay down my life and put any of my comforts second. But am I being selfish, in potentialy creating financial difficulties
for my family. My own mother is questioning our belief that will provide. She is a non believer, but does she have a point?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?
To add I have FMS, and am overweight… but I feel that these conditions shouldn’t keep us from our hopes and dreams. My eyes are pooled with tears at just the thought of not having children.

Does anyone have scripture to help calm me on this sea of IF.

God bless you all, and it is nice to know this forum is here. Non of my friends have had trouble getting pregnant. Which adds salt to they wound.



Hey There Taking A Leap,

I too am new here and am a woman of faith, and I do know that God does provide. My hubby and I have been trying for five years, and I just found out that I do not produce mature eggs. So I am going to be using Clomid to see if it helps. Regarding the faith issue, I believe that God is creator, and is able to do or use anything for his glory. So this open door for the dr. and medicaiton can also be used for his glory. Its hard when there are family members who do not understand the process, but us walking out what we know God has shown us is more important than their opinion. THey are not ones walking through this issue. I am praying for you!:pray:





There is never a perfect time to have a baby and really if it is a desire of your heart go for it!!! Another thought on negetave words that have been spoken is to know that the longer you wait the more difficult the odds become.
I was thinking about Matthew 6:25-34 about how we fret and God says He provides!
Praying for Gods peace to rest upon you and dirrect you.:pray: