We have been TTC for a couple of months now


We have been TTC for a couple of months now and it is hard to know when I ovulate because my periods are sometime irregular I POAS a couple of days ago and it was neg. I have been cramping off and on for the past week but no spotting or bleeding so I am a little confused. A couple of months ago I was a whole month late but when I got it I thought I was going to have to go to the ER it was severely painful and very grose si U actually think I had a miscarriage. I hope that I don’t get AF and I hope I get a positive if anybody has any ideas why I am so late and not be prego please tell me it is absolutely driving me insanen:grr:


Well, if you have irregular periods, it’s really hard to tell if it’s just coming late because that’s how it is this month or if it’s possibly a pregnancy that’s just showing up late on tests. It’s very common, though, that if you have irregular periods, the ones that come later than others are heavier and worse. Are you seeing an RE or a fertility specialist? If not, you might want to start seeing one. They can check you out for endometriosis, PCOS, and other common causes of irregular cycles. Also, they’ll be able to do tests to tell when you ovulate so that you can time intercourse and all that. Either way, blood tests for pregnancy tend to be more accurate and more sensitive than POAS-type HPTs, so maybe wait another couple of days or so and get a blood test done. Planned Parenthood does them for either free or very cheap, I forget.