We have our 2nd IUI on Friday and I have some questions about my follies!


If my dr saw 4 follicles on each ovary on Tuesday with our trigger shot tomorrow what are our chances of multiples?
He kept us on our follistim for 2 more days to help them mature b/c they were all around 12 or 13 and one was at 18. He also put me on 2 patches of estrogen to thicken up my lining since it was a 4. Anyways, I do my trigger shot tomorrow and go in for IUI on Friday and was wondering what our chances were for pregnancy or multiples with these follicles. Also, do you think my follicles were able to mature enough now for the trigger shot?


Well it depends on the size of your follies. the 12 and 13 are to small. But since I’m sure they grew, they could be mature by now. The 18 was a great size and was at trigger size on Tuesday. Lets hope you didn’t ovulate it while you were waiting for the others to grow.

but know, if you have more than 1 mature follie you have a chance of pregnancy and a chance of multiples. Goodluck!