We’ve been ttc for almost the entire time


Hi, I’m new to the site, but not the struggle… I’ve been with my husband for 12 years, we’ve been ttc for almost the entire time. No luck. We recently decided to seek help. My husband’s dr recently started him on Clomid to raise his testosterone level, we’ve taken multiple tests, I only have 1 test left to take. I’m scheduled for a Hysterosalpingogram on April 15th. Even without the diagnosis, I’m almost 100% sure both tubes are blocked. I’m 34 with no prior pregnancies. Not sure where to go from here. :grr:


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Blocked tubes are no fun; especially if IVF is the only route to achieve pregnancy. It’s costly and an emotional roller coaster. Best bet is if your tubes are blocked the saline will clear the blockage! The other scenario is your tubes are open but our DH’s swimmers aren’t the best. Either way I’ll be praying that you have a great outcome; clear tubes and able to achieve pregnancy soon. Best wishes!![/SIZE][/FONT]


And I’ll just add my little broken-record spiel here–if your tubes are blocked and the dye doesn’t clear the blockage, talk to your doctor about surgically clearing them! Some blockages can be cleared and some can’t. If he/she explains what type yours is and says they can’t, that’s one thing, but if the reaction is just, like, “Oh, we can’t do that,” I’d look for a second opinion. I hate to see so many people on here who don’t even realize that there’s another option besides IVF if the dye or saline doesn’t push the blockage clear. Both of my tubes were blocked with what turned out to be just sort of regular, wear-and-tear type tissue (old blood and endometrial lining, that sort of thing). The HSG was fine until the doctor tried to push the dye through and clear the blockage, and then it was very painful and he wasn’t able to get it. He did a laparoscopy (about 6 hours from check-in to check-out with a ~3-4-day recovery time) and I was able get pregnant with meds and TI instead of going to IVF, which we wouldn’t have been able to afford.