My daughter is almost 14 months and I am 7 weeks pregnant. I started weaning my daughter and its going really well except for naps and bedtime. She won’t take a bottle from me with warm cows milk. I have read to put lemon juice or vinegar on my nipple. It seems a little cruel. Any suggestions on what to give or supplement the boob for during sleep times???


You know, I kind of just let my milk dry up on my baby when I weaned her - after about a month or so of only doing a nighttime feeding it just gradually got more difficult for her to drink as it dried up and she kind of was okay stopping on her own. That felt emotionally the easiest for me. We had to stop around a year for IVF for this kiddo, and it was hard.


I am in a similar boat. I have twin 14 month olds and I am 5-1/2 weeks preggo. Today I managed to nurse B only once and M- twice. During the day I have to keep then busy. Even put them to sleep while driving. Today I was out of the house and DH put them to sleep with out a problem. I wish it was that easy for me. I am trying to wean them over the next month. We will see how it goes. Good Luck!!


I wanted to ask you girls… You are both pregnant and still nursing. Were you nursing while taking meds? I am asking, because we are thinking about going for #3, and my RE wants me to stop BF before we start the meds. I find it very hard (at least emotionally) for me to stop nursing. I know I will have issues with sleeping and naps, because I still use nursing to get my DD to sleep. We’re starting the next FET around christmas and she’s going to be one at that point, but it’s still hard…


To our surprise I got pregnant naturally! I started getting my period regularly when my daughter was 8 months old. I met with my RE in August and he said for us to try on our own for 6 months before starting any meds or treatments. We were lucky to get pregnant a month later!


KT09: I went ahead and continued breast feeding 1-2 times a day for nap and night time until my milk naturally dried up so to speak-although there’s still colostrum there always it seems. Around 15 weeks there was a huge change in the milk for me. I guess as it changes many children quit liking the taste. This timing can be different for different women and some women report the change never happening. I did try some distraction ideas also-like changing the routine to rocking with me versus laying in bed to nurse to help decrease the amount of time at the breast but there is also much evidence supporting continued nursing through pregnancy. Check out mothering.com or le leche site. I consulted with a leche leader to discuss my personal concerns which really helped.

Northeast girl: I never told my re that I was still nursing as I knew what he would say if he knew. Clomid appears to be safe to take so I did rounds of treatments with that. When I got to injectables, I stopped and my daughter strangely asked to resume about a month later and I thought, go ahead and try as I didn’t think anything would be there and there was! So we ended up nursing a bit after conception-until about 5 months into pregnancy when she quit on her own. To wean her, I used distraction techniques and then began decreasing a feeding each week until I was down to 1-2 feedings a day. Breast feeding and fertility impacts women so differently. Some can nurse around the clock and still get pregnant, and others can nurse for a few min once a day and still not get pregnant until they actually stop. I felt like I was the later extreme as when I stopped totally, I really responded to the treatments and conceived right away. It’s such a personal decision though.