Week fourteen advice, help me, please!


Hello All
IT has been a little while since I have been on, I am looking for some guidance.
I started with this cramping feeling in my mid section in the last two days and an overall feeling of being uncomfortable. No bleeding tho. Do you think I should be concerned? Any feedback would be great


Hi Denise,

Cramping is part of the process although you have to learn to distinguish between regular cramping (you didn’t drink enough water, growing pains, etc) and the “serious” kind (miscarriage red flags).

Are you drinking enough water? I notice when I don’t drink enough water I get cramps. Also, I get cramps/growing pains when babies (in my case) start to grow.

IF the cramps get painful please call your Dr. My Dr always tells me is better to call them and have a false alarm.

Good luck!!



I agree w/pp. Cramping is completely normal throughout pregnancy. But if you’re still uncertain, call your OB. They’re used to getting calls from pregnant women who are worried. Even if it’s your second or third pregnancy, each pregnancy is different, and some of the things we experience nobody ever warned us about.


Well I’ve never been pregnant, but if your body is telling you something’s up, you should get it checked. Listen to your body and air on the side of caution! Congrats on the pregnancy and good luck with everything!


Mild cramping during pregnancy is really normal. If you’re having mild cramps drink a ton of water or some gatorade and put your feet up and rest for a little while.

If things get worse or you have any spotting or bleeding go to the ER immediately.