Well I am out this month :(


This was our first IUI, I had 5 follies, dh count was 11 million and motility was 57%, I ended up with OHSS and have been on bed rest since Oct 26th, I have a cyst on my left ovary that keeps getting larger and larger every week so we are not sure what to do, they can’t drain it because it’s in chambers and on my bowel, so the only way to remove it is sugery and my RE is not to thrilled about doing it because I will have to have to do alot to my bowels which is very dangerous and he will have to remove my left ovary and tube :frowning: I just don’t know what to do, I am really scared. UHG I was hoping this was our month…oh well I guess. :grr:


exact same boat as you…5 follies, ok count, good morph and motility, and IUI failed…also a cyst, but on my right that is sizeable, and RE wants to wait it out. praying that it shrinks quickly, but he said likely this month off. so looking forward to early december. what a Christmas present that would be…best of luck to you! -a-


Wannabe - so sorry to hear that. Wish you luck going forward. Big hugs.

Angelcare - GL this cycle!