Were you conceived with donor gametes?


Not sure if this is the right place for this question, or if there would be any good place for this question on here. However, on the sister adoption site, there is a place for people who were adopted, so I thought there may be a place for people who were donor-conceived?

I’d really like to hear from adults who knew about their conception and how they feel about it. I know that what the parents think/feel and what the resulting child thinks/feels may be completely different, and I’m interested in making sure that my future children will have all the support I can offer them.

Thanks! Links to sources of this info are also welcome :slight_smile:


Here is a site that has great articles and links:



Here is a site that has great articles and links:



Thank you! :nerd:


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I thought children who were donor conceived were not told that. For surrogacy it is a different situation. I conceived through surrogacy in Bio tex. They have the best services. You can get more information about them here

. So I feel obliged to tell them about that. Because in any way they have to know. I am a cancer survivor. So when I am telling them about that I have to tell them about the treatment. And that I had to lose my womb to survive the cancer. So when they ask me ho I was pregnant of them I can answer that question. But in donor eggs its a different situation. Here the parents carry the pregnancy. Even people will not know whether they used donor gametes or not. Unless the couples decide to tell them. Anyway, everyone has the right to chose what to do with their children. The decision lies with the parents. I just wanted to let my thought be known, that’s all.