What are my chances of success


Hi, has anyone had success with a day-2/day-3 transfer when none of the other embryos from the batch made it to blastocyst? We had 10 eggs fertilize normally and one embryo put back on day 2. The remaining 9 were to be grown till day 5/6 and frozen if possible. My clinic has not called/mailed me about whether they were able to freeze any, which from prior experience means that there was nothing which could be frozen. I am currently 7dp2dt and losing all hope that this time will work either. Anyone with anything positive to share?


I personally don’t have a story to share, but after years on these forums I have seen plenty of women have success in this situation. they transferred the best to you! fingers crossed!


My story isn’t exactly the same, but similar. We had 10 eggs and all fertilized without ICSI. Most were growing well on day 3 so we did a day 5 transfer. We only transferred one, as we wanted ONE baby and are young enough that they thought the chance for multiples was quite high.

On day 6, we found out that none of the other 9 had made it to freeze. I was really shocked by this, as we had an early blast that we chose not to transfer on day 5 that I thought for sure would make it. My clinic requires a 4BB to freeze, and apparently all of ours were graded lower or were too small to meet that criteria on day 6.

That was our first and only IVF cycle, but I really believe deep down that some of those other 9 embies were fine…just didn’t do as well outside of my body. We did get pregnant with the 1 embie we transferred, so I gotta think that some of the others would’ve been okay if they had been put back in. I’ve read of women with terrible fragmentation that get BFPs and have healthy pregnancies…I think the clinics are just cautious because they know how expensive freezing is, and they only want to put the ones in that they KNOW are likely to be successful. It’s hard, though, because that means you have to start over with a whole cycle if it doesn’t work. I went through some dark times during my 2WW thinking about that.

Anyway, I hope this cycle works out for you. I really do think you have a good chance of it working and wouldn’t read too much into the freezing report, other than the fact that it stinks that none of them could be used another cycle. Hugs and best wishes to you!


I don’t believe none of the 9 embryos were ok. However, if the lab didn’t take good care of them, then they would definitely not survive.


Look, failure of the embryos, as you probably know, isto be attributed either to bad egg, sperm or the lab. I dont see in yoyr signature anything that would indicate that your embryos wouldn’t reach day 5. Whether they are chromosomally normal, that’s another thing. So, dont give up hope. However, I noticed in your signature many mcs…did you investigate to find out the reasons? All the best


Maryevelyn and Francesca13, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I guess all I can do is wait and hope and try to keep positive. Francesca, thank you very much for sharing your story. Hope that I am as lucky as you were and get my little baby this time round!


Thank you for your reply and encouragement. We have had RPL testing done, but unfortunately nothing was found that could explain all our chemicals and miscarriages.


Wantbabiesnow - I just got my beta, it’s 267 (11dp3dt). I still can’t believe it. I had 7 fertilized eggs only 3 looks great on day 3, therefore I needed to go in for a day 3 transfer (we transferred 3 good grade embryos) and the other 4 didn’t make to freeze. I was quite worried this will be another failed cycle, but it turns out I’m pregnant, even tough I know it’s still an early stage, but gives me hope. Don’t give up and good luck!


Thank you for sharing your experience sjc2013. Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy!