What are you wearing postpartum?


I’m in a weird spot clothing-wise. I’m too big for my regular clothes, and my maternity clothes are too loose! I am looking for a couple of transitional outfits without breaking the bank. I was thinking of a couple of pairs of yoga pants matched with hoodies/shirts that are a bit more forgiving around the middle. Any suggestions for brands?


I was lucky enough to give birth in the summer - maxi dresses are where it’s at!

Hope you find something comfortable and flattering :slight_smile:


I got some jeans at Goodwill / ARC / Salvation Army, as well as some larger pants for work. It was nice because it obviously didn’t break the bank. Luckily I didn’t have much of a problem with the tops, and some of my maternity tops are still among my favorites even when I’m back to relatively normal shape and size. It is an awkward time though!


I picked up a few pairs of yoga pants on sale at Old Navy for less than $15. You can probably find some longer length ones on clearance since they’ll be putting out the Capri length for spring.


I used summer dresses after one of mine (born in Sept) and that was nice because they gave a little extra room, but still looked nice and were comfortable.

After my one born in January I wore yoga type pants and leggings with over-sized shirts and ugg type boots a lot. The leggings I really love are Danskin from Walmart. They are inexpensive, but comfortable and thick enough that they aren’t see through, but not too hot either.

Maternity slacks and capri’s aren’t bad either. I actually bought a couple pair on sale from kohls after having two abdominal surgeries and they are super comfy, but still look good. No one knew I was wearing maternity. I just bought them in a smaller size than I currently have now that I am pregnant. As long as they don’t get stretched out from the pregnancy and are bought postpartum you should be able to find some that fit well. Of course finding ones that are more affordable may be difficult as maternity clothing is so much more expensive. But just look for them on sale. I have found that kohls has good sales and I really like the way their maternity pants fit even when not pregnant and just a little pudgy.