What are your endo symptoms? (TMI)


So I know we all know that severe cramps are symptoms of endo, but I’m wondering what other symptoms are you have?

My symptoms start a few days before with some cramping. Then, the first two days :af: are heavy bleeding, and the worst with heartburn, back pain, nausea, sometimes diarrhea and serious flu-like symptoms. Like body aches, chills, etc. The whole thing lasts a week–then after the bleeding ends it’s phase II. A band of pain that wraps around my lower abdomen and wraps to my back, and nothing including massage, rest helps. It hurts to stand and walk. That second phase is relatively new in the past year or so. At first I thought it was back pain reactive to my muscles getting sore from dealing with the cramps but now I’m sure it’s a direct spread of endo.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone else have more than the typical symptoms to share?




I do not have endo, at least not that I know. however, last retrieval reported my eggs to be brownish. My RE suspects endo although I do not have any symptoms. I am ging to do another retrieval soon and see what the color be. If comes the same, then I am planning to do the laparoscopy. Did you do it?


My two non-cramp symptoms are intermittent low back pain (pooh-poohed by doctors for years as muscular, even when I told them it isn’t) and pain that doubles me over when I need to have a bowel movement. It’s short lived, but I literally have to stop what I’m doing and breathe through it until I can get to a bathroom (doesn’t hurt to actually go). I had endo on my bowel and all over my cul de sac region at my lap.


My endo symptoms were severe menstrual cramps, pain during intercourse. My menstrual cramps keep me home in bed on CD 2+3. Most the time only Vicodin helped with the pain. After removal of stage 4 endo my periods are normal & intercourse no longer is painful. I’m so happy I had the surgery.


My endo symptoms used to be just pain - a lot of pain (and a lot of bleeding), pain bad enough at times to cause me to nearly black out. I also learned to breathe through it.
As the years have gone by, I have the pain when I need to have a BM as well, or pass gas - bad enough to nearly pass out then, but usually short lived. I also get pain when I pee - usually after - at my ovaries.

Pain has become more specific - I feel frequently like someone tied knots in my ovaries.

Then I started to get general pain all along the sides of my abdomen, like my abdominal wall was the problem. When that started, it would get worse when I eat, so I would have to eat really small meals. It was a great weight loss plan. Hard to want to eat when eating hurts.

Then I started to get pain throughout my cycle - frequently twinges from my ovaries, sometimes more constant. That was the first sign of the need for surgery.

Now I still get minor ovarian twinges - very minor, not significant, but then AF hasn’t visited in over a month and will hopefully keep staying away!


My endo symptoms never really let up but about a week before my AF I get period cramps which feel different than the everyday cramps endo causes. It hurts to have intercourse, have a BM, and after I urinate I have pain. I really feel horrible most of the time and trying to keep positive while going through all the fertility treatments is reall difficult. I just want to know that I will be able to get pg even though I have constant cramping and heavy periods with clotting now. I am also scared how long I will be able to stay of BC pills. I don’t want the endo to get so severe I have to give up TTC. So frustrating to have endo and TTC.


I know this thread is kind of old but I really thought I was the only one with crazy symptoms due to endo. I have a lot of digestive issues. A lot of pain when I eat fried stuff (or other things that are harder to digest), stomach cramps, diarrhea, coffee makes me hurt sooo bad (but I still love it), the week before my period I cramp really bad, and feel nauseated. Other ppl don’t understand when I say my period makes me feel SICK (my manager kind of laughed)! UGH! Then I sometimes have a shot of pain that doubles me over and I Know ppl think Im crazy when I all of a sudden grab my stomach. And then that pain during intercourse :(… Its really annoying to have to deal with this all the time!Even though I wish NO ONE else ever had to know what all this is like it kind of makes me feel a little better knowing someone understands what it is like… thanks for sharing!:grouphug:


Im new here so I know very little of stuff like this but after reading some of the responses, i remember some incidents years ago. It stopped before my marriage which was cool.

Before, Ive been experiencing some heavy bleeding with back pains. I tried some pain killers but never worked. I even tried some acupuncture which worked sometimes. It was an interval. After my heavy bleeding, I would have little menstruation. I was panicky that time but it eventually stopped until last year when I started having some back pains again (with normal bleeding)

I read some stuff online like this but I want to more personally from people actually experiencing it. Is it normal, my case?


More testing.