What can DH do to help improve sperm


Hi Ladies,

so we are taking 3 months off to help improve my eggs but I also want DH to improve his sperm in the mean time. He has had morphology issues at one of the sperm analysis. (2%)

So what can he do besides avoid bikram yoga? He’ll most likely do wheatgrass, smoothies and juicing with me but is there anything else? I heard about fertility blend? Please give suggestions. I have us on a 12 week plan.:pray:



Antioxidents are the biggest thing, such as vit E, vit c, Pycnogenol, CoQ10, and a good multi. When it comes to IVF the egg is the biggest determining factor in success because it handles the bulk of the work and has to halve it’s chromosomes upon ovulation.


We have pretty severe male factor infertility, and our doc said there is not much we could do. He said that if we only had minor issues a little improvement could help, it sounds like your hubby could benefit.

Here is a link to my post about improving male fertility… Male Factor Infertility Tips | IVF Success Stories - Overcoming Infertility hope it helps. Good luck on your cycle! It took us 6 total cycles, but we finally got our miracle baby, don’t ever give up!


I agree with b&a - there are multiple studies that show antioxidants can help. Pygnogenol has been shown to help specifically with morphology.


My husband has sperm issues as well, low count as well as morphology. I have been told from a few Dr’s and also read through research that morphology isn’t as important as count & motility. Abnormal sperm fertilize eggs all the time; egg quality is the most important.
I will echo what b&a72 said that antioxidents are the biggest thing, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, pycnogenol, CoQ10, zinc and a good multi-vitamin. My accupunturist also recommended a liver detox, she believes that everything is connected.
Good luck!!! :cross: that 2012 is the year that we all get our :bfp: !!!


Thanks for all the information. I will order your suggestions tonight. Funny you mention the liver detox. I am having one next week, so will schedule an appointment for him to get his done as well.:grouphug:



My husband had greatly improved numbers with Fertilaid. Good luck.


My husband’s morphology issue was from the heat of our hot tub. Once he stopped using it, after two months ALL the issues went away. So that’s my advice, stay away from heat.