What CD did you get your BFP


I am sure this has been a popular post. I can’t seem to find it though :slight_smile:

I want to know what days everyone got their BFP. I am not sure how people calculate DPO, since the trigger shot has a wide range?


With my DS I got a bfp on cd30. I didnt test any sooner than that.


I think ovulation is considered to be 36-48 hrs after the trigger. I got a squinter line at 8dpo and every day after. Negative on the digitals until 13dpo. First beta was 96 the day of + digital (13dpo), and then 275 at 15po. BOL!!


I have had 11 pregnancies. The earliest (I test early and often, 2x/day w/FRERs) has been 2 at 8 DPO. The latest positive I have gotten that resulted in a viable pregnancy after testing neg. prior was 11 DPO. Short window!