What cd did you ovulate/trigger on w/clomid?


I typically surge on cd 16 but I’m on cd 16 with no definite positive. I went in 2 days ago & my follicles were 13&14! I didn’t test that day or test morning but have tested 3x since you yesterday afternoon & the test are lighter then the day before my scan. I go in tomorrow & am so nervous that he will tell me I ovulated :frowning:


I have been on clomid for 4 cycles now and it has delayed my O every cycle. I O on my own but LP was short and I was started on clomid. I normally O cd 14. This was my first month doing IUI. Cd13 I had 1 follicles 13 and 14. Cd 15 u/s showed 2 follicles both 17.5. I triggered the next morning and had IUI the next afternoon (yesterday). I guess I said all that to say that yes clomid can delay O. Sorry for being long-winded. Good luck and :babydust:


My RE says that Clomid usually makes you ovulate earlier, but I’ve heard plenty of stories of people ovulating later on it.

My experience is less than helpful - my cycles have been erratic lately. I took Clomid last cycle, and my cycle was longer than the previous two had been - but the previous two were way too short (as was that one - 19 days). (And we likely missed ovulation, because my doc wasn’t having me test early enough for a 19 day cycle - they used to be 30-32!)

This cycle, no clomid, but o’d EARLY (with trigger) - perhaps due to clomid sticking around.

Given that you had 13/14 on the day you last scanned, I doubt you had a surge that day. Frequently, follicles get BIGGER on Clomid as well, when you’re not triggering. I wouldn’t worry too much about tomorrow…

If it helps, I suspect that I still had clomid in my system this cycle (we cancelled it when I had a 14mm follicle on day 4 and hadn’t started clomid yet) and my follies grew like crazy - I ended up triggering when my LH was in the 7’s, not yet a full surge, and I had a 22, 25, and 31!! So, really, I bet the 13/14 just had to grow a bit more… hang in there!


Thx for responding ladies. I’m just so nervous. Fertility treatments suck :frowning: I’m just :pray: all is good tomorrow and we trigger !!


Deep breaths. You’re monitored for a reason. I REALLY doubt he’s going to tell you you o’d. Particularly if you haven’t seen a surge!


IUI #1 - 100mg clomid CD3-7, +opk and Trigger CD14 and IUI CD16

Cycle #1 of just clomid - 50mg clomid 3-7, +opk CD12, ovulated CD14. Which is basically my normal cycle.

Cycle #2 of just clomid - 50mg clomid CD3-7, +opk CD18, ovulated CD19

IUI #2 - 100mg clomid CD3-7, body wasn’t responding so my RE added follistim (injections) CD 13-18, +opk CD17, Triggered CD18, IUI CD 19. (this cycle was so off)

After that, i was only on injections.


Thx. Wanted to update in case anyone else has this question. Had 1 20+ follie and a smaller one that he didn’t even bother to measure. I didn’t see a surge but he felt I’d ovulate by tonight? We did iui & did a trigger just in case. I’ll do another iui tomorrow.


Was waiting to hear, md - glad you’ve triggered and that your fears about having already o’d were laid to rest. Good luck, and welcome to the 2ww!


Thank you!! :cross: