What did you differently after your BFP?


For all of you who had or have BFP’s, did you live your live differently afterwards? My acupuncturist told me to lay down at a 45 degree angle as much as I can and to avoid public places unless I have to such as the market, movies, restaraunts, or any crowded places until the end of the first trimester. She said I should do this to avoid risk of catching a cold or falling ill.

I have never heard of such a thing! My RE says to go about life as normal but just don’t do anything extreme or that is not in moderation. He told me to avoid alcohol and caffeine and keep a balanced diet which of course makes perfect sense. My acupuncturist has told me other things which contradict what my RE says but a lot of times, her advice makes sense. This is similar advice that my mom gave me but my mom is as old-fashioned as they get.

Did any of you change your day to day life dramatically after your BFP? Are there any specific things I should be avoiding? Thanks!!!


No. I did the normal stuff: avoid alcohol, caffeine, deli meat, raw foods etc. And I didn’t take up any new sport. But I continued to play tennis and walk until my OB told me it was time to stop (around 7 months because it was summer and it was too hot).

I had a great pregnancy, too.


I haven’t gotten my BFP yet, but congratulations on yours.


I also didn’t do anything different - I’m a pediatrician and so was in my first trimester in the middle of cold and flu season (IVF was in January). Other than quitting my job there was no way to avoid it! I mowed the lawn in the middle of the summer, tried to stay away from caffeine and of course stayed away from all alcohol, drugs, meds, etc. I think the more you can do to keep yourself healthy the better, but I also believe you can’t live your life in a bubble. Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!



Thanks ladies! Oops! I just ate a deli sandwich. I had no idea I was supposed to avoid deli meats. I will going forward. Thanks again!!


[QUOTE=LadyLuck]Thanks ladies! Oops! I just ate a deli sandwich. I had no idea I was supposed to avoid deli meats. I will going forward. Thanks again!![/QUOTE]

I have had a few deli sandwiches. Just be careful not to eat meat from less respectable places or meat that has been out too long or sitting around to long. I love salami! I also have ice tea and diet coke, although I try not to have too much and when I can I drink the decaf stuff.

I had to give up running in the first trimester because I had a little spotting, but I could resume now (If I had energy, which I don’t).

I have a 22 month old. If I avoided all the places you said I would be completely batty. We go everywhere, mall, gym, restaurants, all types of kid places…


First of all, Congrats on your :bfp: !!!

I was never a smoker, etc so when I got my BFP I gave up the obvious, alcohol. But other than that I pretty much have carried on all regular activity. Due to morning sickness in the first trimester I couldn’t stand the smell of my morning coffee. I quickly got over that and have been enjoying my 1 cup per day(which for me has been a lifesaver because this pregnancy has caused constipation-sorry if TMI). I also had “heard” that you can’t have deli meat but after talking to my OB he said just to make sure that you don’t eat the pre-packaged meat from the grocery store and to eat from a “clean” restaurant. They are worried about lysteria, so unless you eat sandwiches from 7-eleven or something that had been sitting out all day your ok. Just for your peace of mind ask you OB, because everyone is different. The other thing that I have avoided is hot dogs, they have nitrates in them. I have had a craving for them a couple times and have just bought organic or look for “nitrate free”. Some people also say to stay away from soft cheeses, but again just ask your OB what he thinks.

As far as working out goes I continued that normally as well. My OB said to keep my heartrate under 160 so I bought a heartrate monitor to wear when I worked out and it was perfect! At this point walking around the grocery store is my exercise;)

And lastly, about getting sick. I work as a private tutor at a couple of the schools in town so I am around kids ALL day long. I didn’t get the flu shot for personal reasons and knew that I had to be extra careful to not get sick. Knock on wood but I have stayed completely healthy since the beginning. I attribute it to just being cautious, and using good hygiene ie: washing my hands ALOT!

Best of luck to you, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!


Thank you ladies for all the well wishes! I just feel so blessed for finally being PG and thankful for finding this site early on in my quest to become a mom. This site has been such a lifesaver!