What do I do to prepare for IVF?


By the grace of God my husband was blessed with a job has incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE health benefits. The new benefits cover 90% (after the deductible) of infertility diagnostics, treatment and counseling. We hope to move on to IVF (with icsi) early next year. My questions to those of you that have been through it are:

What should I expect?
How do I prepare for it?
What would you do differently?
What are some questions you wish you’d asked the doctor?

Any general advice is welcomed as well.

Thanks in advance!!!


Wow, those are great benefits!! We do not have a dime of treatment covered by our teacher’s insurance. Sorry to see that you have had to experience a miscarriage, that is so tough to go through, but it will be all worth it in the end. We went through 3 miscarriages before having our little one.

What should I expect? Expect the emotional toll that IVF can take on you…the ups and downs and anxiety that comes along with IVF is harder than any of the physical effects. The good thing is that the shots, hormones etc are not near as bad as some people imagine they would be.
How do I prepare for it? Just try to be as healthy and stress free as possible, but remember that there is not much you can do.
What would you do differently? Not sure exactly what you mean by this question.
What are some questions you wish you’d asked the doctor? I wish I would have educated myself more in the beginning so I would have known how to comminucate better with my RE and know the right questions to ask as the situations came up. He was great, but I was pretty niave in the beginning.
I would ask what exactly he planned to do to make your cycle as succesful as possible…ICSI/assisted hatching, what type of stimulation, etc. Ask him/her why they think you miscarried before and how they plan to avoid that in the future. (there is not always a reason for miscarriages, so they may not have a great answer for this question) Ask if they do 3 or 5 day transfers and how do they make that decision, how many embryos they typically transfer, etc. I am sure there are a lot of questions that could potentially come up but you may not know to ask them until you are in the middle of it.

Hope this helps a little bit. If you have any more specific questions I would be glad to try and help. Good luck to you!! I have a lot of IVF info on my blog if you would like to check it out.


As PP stated, the emotions are the crazy thing about an IVF cycle, that and the fact that nothing is guaranteed (positive or negative) until it has happened- the loss of control drove me nuts!

The only thing to prepare really is to be as healthy as possible and get yourself into a mindset to handle the ups and downs, some people recommend acupuncture, which I’ve both done and not done with my cycles. You and DH should also talk about how you feel about different things (how many embies to transfer, how you feel about multiples, what you are going to do if your cycle isn’t successful, what you will do with excess embryos ect.)

What would I do differently? Well, my first cycle was falling apart and we knew it, I would have maybe pushed them to change dosages and such earlier in the cycle- probably wouldn’t have changed a thing though. This latest cycle, I don’t think we should have transferred two embies- we were sick of disappointment and I will love these babies so much, but twins can be a bigger deal than people think as far as increased complications and such.

I’d ask them who gets to make certain decisions (how many to transfer, what day to do the transfer), success rates for various transfers at their clinic, the protocol they intend to use for you- and why. Also, who you will have contact with during your cycle- the doctor, a designated nurse, different staff.

Good Luck!


How many embryos did you each have transferred?


Our clinic typically only allows 1 embryo to be transferred on day 5 in a woman under 35 if the embryo is of good or better quality. We didn’t have a good one the first time around so were allowed to put in 2, after that failure we were allowed to decide between 1 or 2 in future cycles. We elected to transfer 2 in our next cycle resulting in our twins, next our frozen transfer (on day 3) they recommend transferring 2, so we did and that wasn’t successful. We mistakenly assumed this meant something, and transferred 2 in our latest fresh cycle against their advice resulting in twins again.

So, we did 4 transfers 2 non-successful, 2 successful with twins. I think we would have had 2 non-successful, 2 successful with singletons had we transferred only one embryo each time, but really- you never know! Embryo quality matters, but even poor embryos sometimes become babies.


The best advice I ever got about ivf is expect the unexpected. Also, to me the easy part is the shots, retrieval, transfer, side effects but the hardest is the waiting. Its so hard waiting for fert calls, ultrasounds, and betas. Always keep faith, anything can happen :slight_smile: rent lots of funny comedies!!! Good luck!!


We transferred 3 each time on our 3 day transfers, but on our two donor FET cycles we only transferred 2. I was young but did not produce very many eggs and the embryos that were created were not the best quality. I think our RE was only willing to transfer more because he knew they were not the greatest quality. Many clinics decide based on age. Under a certain age they will only transfer 1 or possibly 2. I was happy that my RE transferred based on your individual situation. I think you really have to consider the possibility of twins and decide if you are ok with what comes along with a twin pregnancy and having twins. We were ok with the idea of twins, so we were not too concerned about transferring two blast. Good luck to you.