What do you think you would do?


This is totally hypothetical; I always ask dumb questions like this so just bear with me. If you had a relatively unisex name picked out but you picked it out specifically for one gender and the baby turned out to be the other gender–either you didn’t find out ahead of time or the ultrasounds were wrong–do you think you’d use it for the baby anyway? I was just thinking about that in the shower this morning. A lot of names that are popular, especially for little girls, could easily still be both (unlike, say, Dana or Leslie that people really think are girls’ names now). For instance, Reese or Taylor or my DD’s name Ellery. I don’t know if we would’ve used it if she’d been a boy, just because we had such a strong image of a little girl named Ellery, so would we have thought it was weird for “her” to be a boy? I don’t know.


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My hubby and I named our daughter after my Father and his Father. Her name is Charley and regardless if the baby was a boy or a girl it was going to be named her name. We just altered the spelling of her name. So maybe think about changing the spelling to make the difference.

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My daughter is named Ryan, which I love for a girl. If she’d turned out to be a boy I wouldn’t have used it because I like alot of other boy names better that aren’t unisex.

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Your post shows that it’s just a confusion as you have told to have a strong image of a little girl named Ellery and you would have thought it weird to keep for a boy. It’s just the reservedness of human nature that we think it is for particular thing only and do not think beyond that. So it happens and don’t worry.


You still have so many boy name out there, just don’t worry. In Asian countries, people only care about the meaning of the name…like my name Ha (means the river) so a boy or a girl can be also a river, right?

Or…maybe, we can add some middle name to differentiate between boy & girl…

For example, my name is Diem Ha which means beautiful river. However, one of my friend also named as Ha, but Manh Ha which means strong river. And…of course, Manh Ha is a boy name.

So, you can have many choices already, right?
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