What does CCRM do to make them so successful?


So, that’s it. I’m hoping anyone at CCRM can share what they see that CCRM does that makes them so successful. I know you may not know everything about what you see them do, but your opinions matter. Thank you in advance.


I haven’t started any cycle so I can’t speak from experience, but here’s what I have observed consulting and communicating with them so far: there is no magic, but one of the biggest difference is they are have 13( correct me if I’m wrong please) protocols, and have treated many difficult cases from all over the world. Certainly we are not the easiest case to speak of with 4 years of trying and no avail…overall I think they are relatively more successful because they are willing to try that “1% chance” and remedies which can often aid the process while others brush you off… I hope this helps in some ways! :slight_smile:


I think the majority of their success is as a result of the culture medium they use to grow embryos. I believe the embryos have a better shot of surviving at CCRM than other clinics. Also, there doctors have experience treating the most difficult patients and people go there from all over the world.


I guess it just seems too simple. A good lab and an aggressive, knowlegeable doc who’s willing to give you a chance. Maybe that’s it. It seems like there’s some big secret, but maybe not. It really is that “simple”.