What does mean good lining?


Hello,Today morning i went for ultrasound. Doctor told me about my follicle size and said lining is perfect/good.
What is lining? what does mean “Lining is good” ??
This is silly query but i don’t have much idea about that…
Thanks for your help!


Hi Sami,

Your doctor is talking about the lining of your uterus. The lining is endometrial tissue - it’s what you shed every time you have your period. It builds up throughout your cycle, and needs to be at a certain thickness to be viable for an egg to implant.

Perfect/good - yay!


[email protected] Thanks and lots of baby dust .


Wow. If being helpful really got me better chances, I’d be SOOOO helpful all the time! =)


The uterus lining should be above 8 to be at a good and ready stage for an IUI or TI cycle. Do you know what your lining was at? Was this your baseline u/s before medication or an u/s to monitor the growth of your medicated follies?


My RE wanted lining to be above a 6 at minimum, but 8 is optimal. My lining on my last IUI was a 6.2 and I had success! Good luck!