What happened to this forum?


A few years ago when we started our IVF journey this site was busy and now it seems dead.


I’ve been hanging here just for a while. Seems half a year, not more. So I cannot compare much. but from what I see, people still do visit it. And i’ve found some useful pieces of info and used them for my infertility journey. The recent story I’ve read here is the man’s one blaming their repro center which didn’t make his wife to pass the breast ultrasound and they’ve got severe complications after stimming…They were doing surrogacy program abroad. I’m really sorry this happens. and people do come across such scammers. Moreover, it’s important they’re open about the problems they faced for others to warn others. Currently this man is looking for other couples who’s been treated badly with that clinic to get more facts & evidence there’s a huge problem with the place. Being this ivf or surrogacy, this is like a gamble. It consumes your time, emotions, money, normal life --just everything, so it’s quite a natural thing to demand the best for such expenses.
So this is my personal point of view. Maybe I don’t consider this forum to be dead as I’ve been also registered on others, so I’m satisfied to come here from time to time and talk to some kind people here. Wishing you the best.