What happens now?


Just found out our 1st BFP ever, from my first FET ended up as a chemical pregnancy :frowning: I stopped all Meds yesterday after RE confirmed. Should i just expect a normal period? Or should i be expecting clots, and heavy flow, and bad pain? Im really kind of nervous about it cuz he really didnt tell me what to expect. How long till the hcg is out of my system? And does anyone know what causes these to happen? Im 25, we transfered a grade AA 5 day embie which thawed beautifully. They said my lining was awsome, so i dont get it? He said possibly a chromosome abnormality, but does that happen at age 25? Im soo confused. :frowning:


I’m sorry! I experienced a similar things, but we hadn’t done embroyo transfer yet. He’s right, a chromosomal abnormality could have been the reason…either way, it’s disapointing and it hurts. You may have a bit of a heavier period or it may seem pretty normal. My second m/c was a chemical and my periods are always heavy with clotting, so I didn’t notice a difference except maybe my cramps were a big worse, but it wasn’t bad physically.

The HCG takes a couple of weeks to completely go away.

Sometimes we don’t get many answers when we have a loss like this. Your doc won’t have the answer. My first m/c I had to have a D&C. We lost it at about 7 weeks- the heart beat never kicked in. He took it and tested it and it had trisomy 16. We were devastated. The second m/c took us and my RE by surprise. He ended up testing both me and my DH to make sure we were not going to be predisposed of genetic issues and we were fine. Unfortuantely…two flukes.

Try to stay encouraged and positive. As you have experienced, this is a hard road and sometimes it gets even tougher before we get our reward…but it will come! Make sure you can your DH go through this together. They can be a huge comfort if we let them. I wish you the best of luck. Rest and let your body do what it needs to to heal.

Take care–NH


Even though your 25, chromosomal abnormalities can happen. I had three chemical pregnancies when I was your age (age 24 and 25). The cramping was worse then usually . A loss is a loss and I am sorry that you have to go through one. The HCG will go down, and then you can try again. Best of luck to you and your DH. I know how painful it is and take time for yourself, allow yourself to be angry, sad. And also know that it happens a lot. :grouphug:


Thanks to you both for your reply :). You are right, a loss is a loss and its waaay harder than the past 2.5 years of hearing that the procedures just didnt work :frowning:


It can happen, I am 27 years old and still waiting results for the chromosomal test after my D&C 2 weeks ago.

Sorry for your loss