What is a good 1st Beta number?


I had my first Beta today and it was 157…I was wondering what is a good 1st Beta?? Also I transfered 2 excellent embies…When would you find out with you were :preg: with multiples??? Good Luck everyone!!


My Re said a good first beta is anything over 120 at 12dp3dt. Mine was 275, and 2 days later it was 648. At 23dp3dt, it was a whopping 22,000. I was convinced it was twins, but it wasn’t, it was a singleton. I think there is no way to tell for sure using beta numbers. Have you checked betabase? It’s very interesting to compare your numbers with other ladies. :slight_smile:


That is a good beta number for 14 days past retrieval. I think that over 50 is considered good, and you are well over that. The most important thing is that it doubles every 48 hours or so.


As long as it doubles every two to three days you should be good! It’s more about how it rises than the actual number (except like really low numbers like 10…but ive heard even those can make babies ) good luck!


With pg #4 beta was 113 @ 10dp5dt - pg with singleton (transferred 3 blastocysts)

With pg #6 beta was 237 @ 10dp5dt - pg with singleton (transferred 2 AA hatching blastocysts)

I know my RE said he likes to see it around 100 by 15dpr and double by a minimum of 66%


It’s not just the level, but when it was measured. Your signature indicates you are 9dp5dt. 157 at that point is good.

Can’t really tell how many until the ultrasound. Looks a little more like a single to me, but could be a twin.