What is a good response to Femara (Letrozole) considered?


Hi everyone,

How does the dose of Femara ([B]Letrozole[/B]) affect the response? And what is considered a good response.

This was my first month and I only had one follicle that was mature at 21. I started my day 3 ultrasound with 15. There were two others that made it to 16. My dose was 2.5mg from day 3-7.

Thanks, Dana


Letrazole is more about quality rather than quantity. It has a way lesser chance to produce a multiples pregnancy than clomid from what I understand. Everyone is different though. My first round w/ just Letrazole I produced 2-3 follies. My other two rounds we added injectables so I can’t really say what the Letrazole did. Good luck to you!


Thank you for the reply Hopeful4Baby23. I just went in today for my day 3 ultrasound. They said there was one small cyst on the right side that is very small. The changed my dose from 2.5mg to 5mg so hopefully that will make my eggs grow faster since I have been ovulating late with a longer cycle that is about 33 days.

:bsv: , Dana


I had 1 measuring at 23 mm tonight at my ultrasound. IUI is Wed.