What is happening to this forum?


I don’t know if the forum is under new management or not, but I have noticed the differeneces since the “upgrade”. Now there are more advertisement, ones you simply cannot avoid. The forum pages are no longer reliable, often they don’t load or take forever to load. As result of these “changes”, there are less postings, people who are vocal are moving on, and rest are silent browsers.
I don’t want to sound ungrateful, in the past two years I probably visited several times a day for support, I enjoyed reading people’s story and offering help and sympathy, and most importantly, feel less alone. Obviously, this is a business, and it needs its revenue, but this business is built on our trust and support over the years, it saddens me. :frowning:


I’ve also noticed a lot less traffic on these forums. There have always been ads and I didn’t notice an increase of them. However, you can’t see the time stamps for the last post on the main page, so you have to click through each forum to see if something new has been added. Too much of an inconvenience.


I agree with you. I used to visit several times a day to read what was happening, now I went the entire weekend, and was looking forward to my morning catch up, and there was literally nothing to catch up on…from ALL WEEKEND!
Even the 2WW groups are slow, and I could barely keep up with those.
I tried babycenter, but it’s so impersonal - I like this site, I just miss the high traffic it used to get.


I definitely agree. It has become inconvenient and even useless. One has to scroll down to check all the comments in order to make sure about the updates and replies. The old one was far too better!


I keep trying to be loyal and check in, but it’s just so hard to navigate and it seems most people have moved on somewhere else - I have no idea where. I really miss the support I used to find here, it was a big part of my life for the past couple of years. And I really miss the friends I made through our journeys.


Ditto! This forum has been a HUGE support to me the last four years. I still keep in touch with the mommies that I met when we had our son in August 2010, and was hoping to develop a similar support network with baby #2 due in a few months. But it’s like a ghost town in here. I find myself wondering how all of these people are doing…it’s amazing how invested you become in the lives of people you’ve never met, just knowing that they’ve shared the same struggles as you. Hugs to you all, those few of us that are left around here!!


I started shying away last year after there was a thread for long-time TTCers that was quickly shut down. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then when I had my (BFN) IVF cycle in January, I tried to join the cycle group but it was so busy I couldn’t keep up. I found another site that is heavily directed toward Canadians so I gravitated over there.


I miss this forum but I now post exclusively at the Bump and have gotten a lot of support there the past year. Come join if you need a new home


Hi zazu13, just want to congratulate to your BFP! I still come on the forum however now it seems to be even impossible to quote…:frowning: I love the bump, just wish their signature function is little more comprehensible…


The site is under new ownership as well as a new technical team. I have no control over the format or the technical issues. I continue to make management aware of the situation but at this point I do not know when issues will be fixed. I am sorry. No one would like to see this all repaired more than I do. But continuing to come here to bash the site and promote other sites is not acceptable.