What other tests should I get?


Hey guys- I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, my 4th pregnancy. My 1st pregnancy was great, and resulted in my healthy 3 year old boy. My 2nd and 3rd both resulted in a missed miscarriage. I am now pregnant again, but they are very concerned because my hcg is not rising correctly. It was 193 for my first beta, and one week later it was 995 (71 hr doubling time but they wanted to see a 48 hours doubling time). They called me to tell me they were concerned and wanted me to come back on Monday to repeat my hcg and to also get tested AGAIN for blood clotting disorders. We did IVF, so we had all of the karyotype tests, and all other qualifiers and they all came back normal. My question is, what other tests should I have them run?? Or what medications may help to sustain a pregnancy? Thanks!


I had the same question recently and I it really helped to come across this blog page:

The Survival Guide to Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Testing | Whitney & Erick

Whitney, the author, has done a lot of research to develop this list. I brought her list in to my doctor and went over it with him. Some of the tests he’d already done, some he felt were unnecessary due to my specific history, but most of them we ran and it felt very thorough. A couple tests, like the Natural Killer cells test he thought were not helpful, but ran anyway at my request. I like that attitude in a doctor. :slight_smile:

In your case, this pregnancy may be just fine. Believe me, I do know how hard it is to “wait and see.” Good luck to you!


Hi Dedication - Heparin would be used for blood clotting disorders. I’ll be on it even though my test came back normal. From the looks of your siggy your beta doubled nicely:clap: . Congrats, try to relax and take your progesterone as instructed. Please keep us updated. :pray: for a Fun, Happy and Healthy :preg: .


Thanks ladies, that information was very helpful. I discussed Lovanox with my RE and he contacted my OB, but for right now they decided to hold off. I am hoping that this week’s u/s is okay. Of course I am analyzing every single sypmtom or absence of a symptom and it is driving me crazy!!!