What questions should I ask RE:IVF (child ment)


I’m 37, have a six year old through donor IUI (pregnant after two ‘natural’ cycles with no meds or monitoring, just opk).

I guess I should have tried for a second a long time ago, but life gets in the way. I was naive, maybe - went back to my RE expecting to do the same thing again.

On my day 3 testing, my AFC was a horrible 4-5 (2-3 on each ovary). My FSH was 5, with estradiol in the 30s. I’ve been waiting for my AMH since Monday, but my RE is talking about going straight to IVF.

I’m pretty lost and would appreciate knowing what to ask - he brought up IVF at the time of the ultrasound, and I haven’t heard anything from the clinic since.

I don’t want to risk multiples, so we were looking at ‘natural’ IUI and now I guess would be looking at single embryo transfer - not sure how that changes likelihood of success at my age. I also wonder about using PGD, given my age - I’d think that might help with success rate, if we’re only going to return one embryo?

Also, if I have DOR based on AFC, doesn’t that mean that I’ll be looking at poor response rates, likely cancellation, lots of meds…?

Should I just forget IVF and try repeated IUI until I run out of the donor sperm? That would probably be five tries - would that be equivalent to trying IVF…?

Argh - I know, too long, but just so many unanswered questions and not really sure what questions I might be forgetting… :frowning: