What questions to ask during a second opinion consult?


I have 2 second opinion consults set up with new REs/clinics and I’m coming up with my list of questions to ask each of them. What questions do you suggest asking?

Also, how do these appointments usually go?..Do they go over your medical records and last cycles from your previous RE and give their opinion? I think what makes me nervous about meeting with two new REs is that they could potentially contradict each other (including my current RE) because every RE has their own approach, confusing me more. I just hope I will know who to go with!



I just made an appointment for a phone consult with Dr. Garzo in Reproductive Partners, UCSD. His liaison told me they would like to have a detailed medical record from my current RE office, including all my numbers and the protocol. My guess is that since they are charging you a couple hundred bucks for a phone call, they should go through your history before hand and offer specific opinions about your case.

I’m also bothered a little by the potential contradiction. After all choosing is so hard. And especially since I love me current RE. Deep down inside I don’t wish to hear his protocol contradicted… But I have to keep telling myself to be practical. A second opinion from a renowned clinic might shine light on your previous failure, and make a difference to your future tries.

Hang in there and Good luck!


designgirl- I am in the same boat with you except i will be 39 next month. My husband has MFI (low count and 0-1% morphology) and I have an FSH of 11 and DOR.

i just finished my 2nd IVF cycle which was BFN and have an appointment for a 2nd opinion.

My dr. did the same protocol for both cycles (even though i asked to see if maybe they should change it up for the 2nd round). 450 of Gonal f and then reduced and added in menopur 150 (reducing gonal f to 300). I stimmed quickly but only ended up with 2 fertilized eggs both time.

Would like to know some questions to ask too.


They should go over your medical history and previous cycles. When I got my 2nd opinion they also did a complete exam (pelvic exam, ultrasound, etc). After all of that we sat down with the RE, her nurse, the embryologist and the financial person to go over all of our options. With the RE and the embryologist we mainly discussed my 2 failed cycles and what each thought had gone wrong with them, based on the information they received from my first RE. They also gave me information on their lab, their thoughts on 3dt vs 5dt, and stuff like that.

The main question I would ask is, given your history why do they think your previous cycle(s) failed and what would they do differently. They should tell you these two things without having to ask - but that is really the bottom line in making your determination to switch.

As far as contradicting information - that is tough. I was lucky and had an idea in my head of what I thought my issues were and the 2nd opinion just confirmed it. I think your gut will tell you which one you feel is right. I loved my first RE but I knew I had to do something different if I was going to keep trying.

Getting a 2nd opinion gave me renewed energy and got my back in the right mindset to keep going. I hope it does that same for all of you. Good luck!


Thanks, ladies. :grouphug:

Pookiepook- Good luck with your phone consult! I think you summed it up perfectly. I also love my current RE, but I feel it’s time I seek out another opinion or two which will help to guide us in making the best next steps. I don’t want to have any regrets with this process.

Melsjoy- Our stories sound so similar! My current RE also didn’t want to change up my protocol for IVF #2. I stimmed the exact same number of days, although I think I should have stimmed an extra day for IVF #2. Since you stim quickly, perhaps a tweak or change in protocol might help. Best of luck at your 2nd opinion consult!

cmw- Thanks for the info on how the consult could go. Sounds like you had an excellent and very thorough consult. I don’t believe anyone else will be involved for mine but I’m not sure. Although, I would love to meet with an embryologist. They could shed an interesting light on things since they’ve seen it all. Thanks for the question ideas. I also love my current RE, which makes this so tough (and sad), but I also know if we are to keep trying that a change needs to be made. Thank you for the support and encouraging words. I so appreciate it!