What questions to ask during an initial DE consult with RE?


I have an appt to meet with our RE and clinic psychologist to discuss DE. We are planning on a possible final OE cycle next year, but I wanted to get on the list and have a game plan in place. I will be reviewing the packet of info we received on my clinic’s program (costs, single vs shared cycle, etc) ahead of time, but I was wondering what additional kind of questions are good to ask our RE during this appt? Thank you!


Just thought it might organize thoughts as for donor egg programs. Found it useful for myself )))
Medical factors for the recipient:
‘All recipients, regardless of age should have a complete blood count, blood test for HIV, hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis and RH factor before starting a donor egg cycle.
Do you have any health problems that would be affected by a pregnancy such as cardiovascular disease? Are you on prescription medication, etc?
If you are over 40 and are considering the donor egg options, make sure that you have a current electrocardiogram, mammogram, glucose tolerance test and chest film.
Have you talked to an obstetrician about the risks relating to pregnancy, labor and delivery for women in your age category?
Have you discussed the risks of multiple births, which is quite high with donor eggs?
Have you asked about the miscarriage rate after embryo transfer?
Has your husband or partner’s semen been tested lately?
Will the clinic use estrogen and progesterone to prepare the endometrium lining of your uterus. Will the clinic require a mock cycle first? Which type of estrogen is used?’
Hopefully this might help you x


This is also what we are going to ask as for donor selection and egg quality in Biotexcom where we’re going to apply this month.
Who are the donors if anonymous? Are donors used legal residents of the country you’re going to apply for treatment in? What is the age of the donor? Does the clinic allow you to use the donor you bring into the program or do they require other options? Are eggs taken from infertility patients? How many times can a donor be used? Is the donor tested for the AIDS virus, CMV, hepatitis A and B, chlamydia, venereal disease, syphilis, serum karotyping and blood type and day 3 FSH? Is a drug screen done on the donor?
If you are using a donor from a donor egg matching program, and the donor has been tested by them, will the IVF clinic require additional or duplicate testing at their lab?
Are all eggs from one donor used for one recipient or are the eggs split between recipients? If they are split how are they divided? Is there a primary and secondary recipient?
How many eggs are guaranteed a recipient and, if there are less, is the fee reduced? How long are medical records kept on the donor? Is the donor aware that, as in adoption, laws may change that could allow the child access to information about the donor at a specific age? Does the clinic maintain contact with the donor? This is important if you think you would want to use the donor again in the future. By maintaining contact, the clinic can monitor the health status of the donor as well.
Good luck :wink: