What should I ask embryologist after fertility report


Just had egg retrieval today and they are calling me tomorrow with how many fertilized. What questions should i ask we are doing freeze all and PGD.




They’ll give you the major details, but you can always ask:
-how many eggs did they retrieve total
-how many were “mature”
-how many fertilized

On Day 3, they’ll open the freezer again and let you know how many are still growing and if any “arrested” (stopped growing). You can ask how they look overall. Some labs have a rating system, others just classify them as “worthy of transfer” and “not worth of transfer.”

On Day 5, they’ll give you a similar update. For me, they did the biopsy on Day 5 blastocysts that they thawed and then refroze. This is also the day you should decide how many are being frozen vs. transferred. If you’re doing PGD, then I assume you’ll freeze then transfer later??

Honestly, as long as they fertilized and are growing, that’s the info you want to hear. Depending on your diagnosis, you may be curious about how many eggs were mature or how many didn’t fertilize to use the info for future treatment.

Good luck!


Thanks and CONGRATS!!!


Finally found our Donor

I don’t know why we thought it would be easy to find a black donor in Mexico.:clap: But we confirmed, signed all documents and most important sent money.

We were concerned about her age: 28. But she has 2 kids and did a cycle 6 months ago with 10 great eggs and a successful outcome.

It will be good to focus on the girls and school and take my mind off IVF. I just want to lose some weight and get ready for the fun.

Kudos to Tom Arnold who finally has a baby boy after so a long struggle.