What should I be asking?


My husband is azoo and I’m soooooo tired of hearing these dang stories “ooh, my friend’s friend’s mom’s sister’s friend was trying to get pregnant, they tried everything and then gave up and blammo! Got pregnant.” That’s lovely and I’m happy for all the happy people but there is no way that those swimmers are going to magically make their way down a non-existant vas.

We’ve done 8 IUIs with donor sperm. Switched donors, just in case that was an issue. I had two HSGs at different clinics, both showed the tubes open. We used Femara two cycles, Ovidrel a couple of times. Every time I have apparently healthy follicles and then 14 days later, I get some menstrual cramps and … no dice.

I took three months off to do acupuncture and radically change my diet. I stopped drinking coffee (curious side effect … I’m a lot less frazzled since I got over the IT IS 3 O’CLOCK AND I NEED MY AFTERNOON RUSH! part of kicking coffee). I’ve slowly been dropping other dietary changes – I don’t see any other effects from removing wheat and dairy from my diet and so I’m a lot less strict about those.

I’m 37 now, we had a long stretch of trying before the azoo was diagnosed, an unpleasant stretch of trying to get more clarity about the cause of azoo (lesson learned: if your doctor isn’t answering your questions, find a new doctor!) a stretch of trying to wrap our heads about what we wanted to do (needle biopsy and IVF? donor IUI? adopt?) those 8 IUI cycles have taken us two years with some breaks in between to catch my breath.

Now I’m doing a cycle with Brevelle and trying to figure out if we’re going all the way to IVF or not. I feel like I’m not askign the right questions (or maybe it is just that no one knows?)


Have you had any testing? Like AMH levels? We were originally told we only had male factor, then changed clinics and found issues on my side as well…