What should I do?


So we are not really trying right now but I do have some femara. It only cost me like 10 dollars for a month supply which last me like 3 cycles so I was wondering do you think I could just take it on its own with out injections and still maybe get a a good follie for us to just try with out an iui? We want to save money so basically I am wondering have anyone just used femara with out injections and it work for them?


I think the risks of over stimulating with Femera and no other stims is pretty low. Seems most people get one or two good follicles. If we had sperm and I had some left over I would totally try.


What a tough choice! Would you feel comfortable asking your doctor about their opinion of it? I can see the good and bad in asking, and you would have to be SUPER comfortable with your RE.

I am a fellow combo cycle gal, and I have only tried single Femara once. I have PCO and didn’t respond at all. :frowning: I noticed that you had a pregnancy last year, and I wanted to bring up something that I just read after my miscarriage. I read that after a pregnancy, no matter how long it lasts, your hormones are forever changed. Not sure if there is any truth to it, but if there is something to that information, it could maybe mean that you don’t need quite as much medicine to stim.

I don’t know if my babble helped or not, but keeping my fingers crossed for you! :flower:

P.S. Someone in the IUI thread posted the Sperm Meets Egg Plan at this link. Sperm Meets Egg Plan
I hadn’t heard of it before, but it is something to follow when you’re not using IUI. It was actually this same website where I found the information I shared above.


Thanks guys for all of your responses. I even spoke with my nurse practitioner today and she is ok with it just says our chances arent as high if we dont do the iui, Whan tmym one want my money lol . My husband numbers are border line with being ok. So i ehink we have some shot :slight_smile: anyways you guys are great!


This is my first cycle of femera, no shots no iui so Im hoping it works for us. I will let you know if it worked for me Friday, as far as the producing an egg goes. Now if I actually get good cervical mucous maybe I will be announcing a pregnancy in three weeks! Good luck to ya’ll!:babydust: :babydust: