What should progesterone levels be on Day 25? Did I ovulate?


Hi friends,
I had my day 21 Progesterone blood test done–and it came back that I did NOT ovulate. That didn’t really surprise me because I wasn’t exhibiting any of the other O symptoms. However, my specialist wanted me to do another Progesterone test on Day 25 to see if I O’d after that. My online results just say “14.9 nmol/L”. Did I ovulate??
Some people online say the levels have to be above 10 to prove ovulation; others say it has to be above 15. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
DH just got the results back from his varicocele embolization and it worked AMAZINGLY! Looks like his spermies are top notch! Now if only my eggies would get into the game… praying I O’d this month, and sending prayers your way too!! :thankyou: