What to expect physically


Hello Ladies
I am currently waiting for my ultrasound and have gotten through all three of my beta tests with positive results… can anyone give me an feedback on what to expect physically during this wait time? My nerves are getting the best of me :)… I feel crampy in the am, little sick to my stomach, then so bloated my pants don’t fit now… does this sound like the little bean is growing or just drug side effects?


It’s a little of both! The queaziness may progress to nausea, but it’s a good sign! If you never have it, it’s not a bad sign…you are just lucky!

Congratulations! I was so paranoid and worried that I asked my RE if we could do an ultrasound earlier than his usual 8 week “strict” rule. He did ours at 5 weeks 4 days and the rest is history!

As best you can, try to enjoy every second of your pregnancy. From the day the FRER had 2 lines, I decided to be thankful for every pregnant day I had…even if I felt like poop or if things went poorly. I continued this throughout my pregnancy and especially at the end where every day pregnant was a few days saved in the NICU. I think it really helped me to balance my worries!

Congratulations again!!!


Congratulations on positive betas!
The early pregnancy symptoms can be totally different from person to person, or from pregnancy to pregnancy for the same woman. Bloating is a common sign. I had that and a embarrassingly running nose in the first trimester. But luckily I didn’t have much of morning sickness. Unless you feel severe abdominal pain or bleeding, you’ll be fine. Enjoy your pregnancy!:cheer:


just scared to get my hopes up to high… runny nose has been TERRIBLE!!!


Sounds like normal early pregnancy stuff! I actually had a lot of cramping and twinges for the first couple of weeks. Bbs were sore, woke in the night to pee. I’m one of the lucky ones that didn’t have a bit of m/s this time around, thank goodness. It felt weird not to have it since I had it worse with my first, but I’m not complaining. You’ll probably start to get some pretty intense hunger around 5-6 wks (if you’re not sick) so be sure to have snacks available while you’re at work or away from home. Snacking can definitely help keep the nausea at bay. If you don’t eat when you feel hungry, that can definitely contribute to the queasiness.

Like lucyddr said, enjoy being pregnant and try not to worry unless someone gives you reason to worry. I can also assure you that spotting and bleeding are not a for sure end to your pregnancy either. I’ve had spotting throughout the first trimester and finished off the first trimester with a period-like bleed for a couple of days. Baby is doing just fine. Sure, the spotting and bleeding are scary, but just know if you have it, all can work out fine too.

Best of luck to you and congratulations!!!