What to expect when ivfing?!? Help


tc for a. Year and 1/2. Very overweight… Decided to try fertility… Terns out dh has low count… After unbelievable timing… We had 14 eggs retrieved and dh had tese. 8 eggs fertilized… 5 days later until today… And one embryo survived and transferred today… I have no idea what to expect except the long wait… Taking progesterone injections plus suppositories… A gamet of vitamins including calcuim coq10 and mitochondria… And of course that other injection that’s starts with an L… Can’t even think… Any and all support would be fantastic!!! Will I get false Postives with HPT… Because you know there is no way of waiting for that blood test in two weeks!!!


Your subject line can lead to many, many things :slight_smile: But here is my two cents…first and foremost congrats on being Pupo!!! Try to stay away from Dr.Google as much as you can…yes it’s easier said than done. Ask any and all questions on this forum as the women here are so amazing and helpful!
In regards to the HPT - try to steer clear of them until you get closer to your Beta if you really want to test at home. I didn’t get mine until about 3 or 4 days before I went in - you are more likely to get a false negative than positive due to the amount of HCG in your system.
Everyone has always said it only takes one - it wasn’t until my second cycle that I firmly believed it…21 weeks and 3 days today with my baby girl!
Wishing you the best of luck in this journey and :pray: that you get your :bfp: !!!


Thank you so much! The other threads alone are so helpful… I’m on my second day of bed rest… And going stir crazy… Which makes dr. Google so much more fun! Congrats to you! Nice to see so many people bfp as when I factor age and weight statistically I only have 20% success rate. Especially on cycle 1… My poor dh would have to have another TESE if we went successful this time around… I told him he is as close to child birth a a man can get! Is cramping normal This early on? When does implantsion occur??


How long do they have you on bed rest? Here is a link that has been helpful: What Happens After an Embryo Transfer? | NYU Fertility Center
Yes, cramping is normal…well for me it was.


Progesterone causes “pregnancy symptoms” - and they can fluctuate, so don’t rely too heavily on anything you feel or don’t feel or if you feel something and then it changes or if you feel differently than you normally would, etc. Also, because you had your eggs retrieved (presumably not on your normal ovulation date) instead of ovulating, you can’t look at when your period would be due normally - you have to base it on how many days past ovulation would it be due normally. Also also, progesterone can delay AF. Also also also, yes, the hcg from the trigger shot will give you false positives - the average length of time (depending on the dosage you took) for the shot to get out of your system is 10-11 days.

All that downer stuff above aside, good luck! And congrats on being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)!