What to expect with IVF and Graves Disease


Hi everyone! First time poster…I actually just found this site yesterday and already I’ve learned so much! To make a long story short: my husband and I have been told that we need ICSI to get pregnant (my husband has extremely low sperm count). I’ve had bloodwork done (although I haven’t received AMH info from them yet…) and all the other screenings - I’m good to go. The only thing that was off was my TSH.

Now I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 4 years ago and had Radioactive Iodine Therapy twice to kill my thyroid so I’m on a daily dose of Synthroid to keep me going. I’m working with my endocrinologist to get my TSH back down to where my fertility guy wants it, but I’m nervous about what’s going to happen once we start IVF. Will I need to be monitored weekly, or every couple days?? Will there be “graves” side-effects? I’ve been hypoactive for so long I don’t think I’ll know what to do with myself once I get closer to the hyper/normal side of things!

Thanks in advance!


Hi there! I just thought I would chime in. I also had Graves disease and did the radioactive iodine 6 yrs ago. I have taken Synthroid, Levoxyl, and currently take Armour, all though my endo wants to take me off of it. I have my thyroid checked prior to starting any treatment. Once you confirm the pregnancy is when your endo will monitor you closely. I believe mine said he would do once a month. The first 3 months of develope are critical for the baby, so its important your thyroid is functioning properly!
I hope you get your TSH figured out so you can get started!

Good luck to you! :babydust: :babydust:


Yes, I had graves many years ago and was radiated in 2001. I have been on replacement therapy since. I had my first daughter and was fine, they just added my thyroid in with all the other blood tests. I was fine during that pregnancy but since then it’s been crazy, constantly swinging one way or another. Now that we are trying again, I am being closely monitored. I get checked all the time. The stims mess with it but its only a few weeks then goes back. Just make sure everyone knows your in replacement therapy and they monitor you bypu should be fine as long as your within the range the docs want. Best of luck to you.


Thank you ladies! It just irritates me that we’ve been waiting so long to start this and now suddently it’s me that’s holding us up. :grr: I just had my Synthroid dosage increased and go back in 2.5 weeks to have my levels checked…so we shall see!


Hi everyone!

I just found these threads yesterday and I’m so happy I found them, finally someone that can relate. I also have Graves Disease. I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I am hyper and I am convinced the fertility meds aggravate my thyroid. My Endo says it shouldn’t, but I know he is wrong and they do mess with my levels. I have been off all meds for almost 2 years and haven’t taken any fertility meds in almost a years. I just had my cycle cancelled last week because my thyroid flared up and my levels were 0.03. I was 6 days from my transfer:( so I’m back on thyroid meds until its settles down. Has anyone done intralipids? I know ladies with immune issues use this, but not sure if that includes Graves issues. Does just being on the thyroid meds work once your pregnant. I even had my implants removed last year because ever time I would go back on fertility meds I would get fluid and infection around one of the implants. It was the craziest thing and of coarse the doctor says he can’t say for sure. I was just wondering about others experiences.


My RE and my regular Endocrinologist told me that the fertility meds would increase my need for Synthroid. I’m sorry that your thyroid is going wacky on you so close to your transfer date. I hate this disease almost as much as I hate having to undergo IVF. Good luck!


I have Graves and was diagnosed back in 2003. After 2lots of medications (no radio iodine or thyroidectomy), I’m in remission, with normal BW. My RE & endo only want me to be treated/monitored more regularly when I get pregnant. In my case, I could go hyper during or post pardum, with the later more likely