What to expect


I have lap/ hysteroscopy/ ovarian drilling next week. They want me off work for a month I think its a bit unnecessary as I healed quickly from gallbladder lap a couple of weeks ago. I will ask my dr. about that at presurgery.

I was wondering what to expect - Soreness, possible good/bad news, and if there are any special precautions after surgery. I have been diagnosed with stage iii endo from gallbladder lap two weeks ago. The pictures wasn’t real detailed so I’m afraid if it is stage IV. Please let me know how your surgery etc. went thanks :grouphug:


I had a lap for ovarian drilling and HSG to make sure tubes were clear. I had a tiny bit of endo removed from the neck of my cervix as well, but didn’t have any anywhere else.

I also had my gallbladder removed in another lap about a year after that. I thought the gallbladder was much worse as I woke up throwing up and in pain. I didn’t have this at all with the lap/ovarian drilling though.

For me the worst part about the ovarian drilling lap was that my throat was super super dry afterward from the oxygen mask they put on you. I was mildly sore, but nothing major and was fine after about a week (really more like 4 days). I have read many say that the gas they put in your abdomen can cause some gas pain after and the best way to help with that is to walk around afterward (as you can tolerate) to help work that gas out. I did not have this issue at all though. However, my Doc said that many docs give way too much gas and that is why their patients have that issue so he uses only what is needed.

I also did a cleanse about three days prior to the surgery which I think helped a lot. They had me drink a bottle of magnesium citate (you get them at wal-mart) one each for the two days previous to the surgery and then the day before I was also supposed to eat only liquids (such as V8, juice, naked and such). I was very cleaned out by the day of my surgery–LOL. I read somewhere that doing a bowel cleanse protects the patients in case they have to clean something off the bowel (such as endo) as this cleansing can irritate the bowel and either perforate it which would leak nasty bacteria into the abdomen which apparently is much less likely if the bowels are clean OR the bowel will just get irritated and cause a lot of gas and constipation after surgery which makes recovery painful. SO…I am not sure if that cleanse helped me to not have pain, but I was not in pain after my surgery nor did I wake up in pain.

I was sore like I had done a thousand sit ups so it was hard to walk without being hunched over. I took one pain pill because I was worried I would be in pain, but didn’t feel I needed them after that so didn’t take anything beyond that first pill.

If you have a lot of endo removed you may experience a little more pain after, but that too is tough to say. I actually had an ovary stuck to my bowel that almost always kinda ached and my Doc removed it and after I woke up that actually felt better so…

I say stock up on Popsicles in case you have that dry throat as that was the worst part for me and then just take it easy. :cross: it isn’t a big deal for you either and you are fine after a couple days as I was.


Hello, I had lap surgery to remove stage 4 endo. I was off work for 3-4 days. I experienced bloating and very minor pain. My two scars are very little and healed nicely. Good luck, you have nothing to worry about.