What's great in your city?


I thought we could talk about the things we like in our own cities that other mamas-to-be might not know about! I was just thinking some of these things the other day and I’d love to hear what other people really loved when they were getting ready for their little ones. I don’t know a lot of pregnant women here, but if I did, I’d love to pass on what helped me, and to know what helped them.

I think if we write in a "State - City: " format, it’ll be easy to search, too. So here’s one from me to start.

Texas - San Antonio: prenatal massage at A.R.T. Body Spa! (I suppose the initials are appropriate for this site, lol.) They’re definitely on the pricey end, which is why DH got me one for my birthday when I was pregnant. They’ll give you the best prenatal massage you’ll ever have! Make sure you ask for the special pregnancy pillow; I wished I could take it home and sleep on it.