What's The Chances of Successful IVF after 40


Please tell me buddies about your success data


if you combine IVF with PGS NGS or/and ovarian reserve is normal, there are lots of chances of getting pregnant at advanced maternal age


Me - 40 yo when started ttc since 2014. Dh - 42 yo. dx: PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes. amh <3,2. Dr suggested PGD as I had a miscarriage the previous years before going ivf route. Plus dr suspected me to be a carrier of Wilson disease - a very rare treatable disorder. I had already been through 2 failed ivf cycles with oe when dr told us to move on plan B - egg donation. Though we got prego with the 2nd round (43 yo).


For unclear reasons, egg numbers decrease at a rapid rate as women age. Furthermore, as aging occurs, egg quality, or the likelihood of an egg being genetically normal, decreases. Therefore we recommend a fertility evaluation if a couple has been attempting pregnancy for 6 months or more when the woman is 35 years of age or older. Historically before the latter 20th century, women were conceiving in their teens and twenties, when age-related abnormalities with the egg were not evident. However, in our modern era, women are delaying child birth until their thirties and forties, which has lead to the discovery of the adverse effect of advanced maternal age on egg function. In fact, female age-related infertility is the most common cause of infertility today. For unknown reasons, as women age, egg numbers decrease at a rapid rate. And as aging occurs, egg quality, or the likelihood of an egg being genetically normal, decreases as well. Hence the ability to conceive a normal pregnancy decreases from when a woman is in her early 30s into her 40s. A woman is rarely fertile beyond the age of 45. This applies to the ability to conceive with her eggs, but not with donor eggs.


Just a quick update. We decided to go for a sibling using donor egg. We came back to the clinic we were previously successful with, biotex. Signed up for 2 shots, hoping this would be enough. (Judging from our experience - de ivf which resulted in a beautiful healthy baby after shot#2) 40+ is not a verdict. There’s always hope and some good de ivf statistics. Babydust to all.