What's the sex of your IVF baby using ICSI?


Hi there,
I have heard that using IVF you have a better chance of having a boy versus a girl. I have also heard that if you do ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) you have better chances of having a girl. I am just trying to get an idea of other peoples experiences so I will go first!!

We did IVF w/ ICSI in 2008 and had twin girls :slight_smile:


I have a girl and the baby we recently lost was also a girl - both IVF/ICSI.


Y chromosome is lighter and moves faster. Perhaps this can justify more boys when using ivf (assuming your statement was true). As for icsi, not sure…perhaps x chromosome shape is more regular so the embryologists choose it more often. I used to have more female embryos when doing icsi but we are dealing with the morphology issue so I guess x were more nirmal in their shapes. Surprisingly, when testing them genetically, most of them used to be abnormal.


Interesting. I always wondered why I had double the number of girls than boys! I did PGD which requires IVF with ICSI and always had more girls than boys! I’m now pg with one baby and not finding out the gender until the birthday. After all I’ve been through, it’s nice to keep something a surprise:) (Even though nobody does it anymore!)


I did IVF w/ICSI and I had a boy.


I did IVF with ICSI and both times had a girl.


Our IVF results with ICSI and PGD resulted in 3 boys, 4 girls.


You opted not to be told how many girls/boys you have?


I know the genders for the second and third cycles I did. Cycle 2 I had 6 girls 2 boys, cycle 3 I had 7 girls 3 boys. I still don’t know what I’m pg with though:)


I have boy/girl twins and did IVF with ICSI.