Wheatgrass question


For those of you taking wheatgrass, where did you get it? Is it pill, or perhaps a drink? What is it supposed to help with?


I bought my from a health food store. I used an organic powder. I mixed about a teaspon in about 6 oz. of water 2x per day. It’s pretty bad tasting…like eating dirt but you get used to it. I chugged it. I took it because I heard it helped with egg quality and outside of IF issues - it’s super good for you. Google it.


Thanks for you reply, maybe I can try the GNC.


where do you get royal jelly. I am reading the pregnancy miracle. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to it. The book is a little overwhelming. My DH has low sperm and robertsonian translocation.

any suggestions are appreciated.
We have done IVF once unsuccesfull.


These were my results with both wheatgrass and RJ. First IVF took nothing herbal, got a BFP, then miscarriage. 2nd IVF added RJ & wheatgrass for about 2 months prior to cycle, I got both from the Vitamin Shoppe online, GNC did not have at my store. The RJ I took a teaspoon every morning, it is supposed to help with egg quality. The wheatgrass is really good for alot of things other than infertility, but as far as fertility it is supposed to help blood flow and I think egg quality if I recall?
Anyway the 2nd IVF we had alot more eggs, but I got a BFN. We are currently waiting to do a FET, which at my age & reserve the RE thought was a miracle we had one to freeze. Was it the RJ & wheatgrass, not sure? I will say my RE id not support me taking either and when I started stims, made me stop.

A tip on the wheatgrass, I bought the organic powder and I would mix it with cranberry juice, either plain or cranapple, crangrape, I would add ice and put in a sports bottle and continually shake and mix it–it helped alot with the taste, after a few days I did not even taste the wheatgrass.
Good luck to you!


Wheatgrass Wonders!

Hi All -

TTCT for about 4 years (had a son at 31 yrs - I am now 41 with age related fertility issues) We got pregnant naturally in Jan of 2009 but it ended in mc. Then nothing again for 11 months. I started taking Wheatgrass Pills by Pines - 21 tablets a day in conjunction with royal jelley and Vitamin Code Raw Pre-natal vitamins. I got pregnant within a month after no pregnancy for almost a year. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage Feb 2010. I got down and gave up and stopped taking yet still attempted naturally to conceive. About 9 months later I started taking it all again and was pregnant again within a month - Oct 2010. That was ectopic. Okay… so the point is although I didn’t have successful pregnancies as my issue is really just age related I feel 100% sure that there is something to be said about the connection between taking WG, RJ and pregnancy. I just think it keeps the body more balanced supplying nutrients that one would not otherwise have. I buy everything on Amazon.


I know this thread is a little older but thought i’d chime in anyways. :wink: I drink the organic wheatgrass shots. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DRANK!!! They are 1oz bottles n there’s 7 of em that come in the box for 14.99 @ Whole Foods. They recommend drinking them on an empty stomach since they don’t mix well w/ food. I have to plug my nose n chug as fast as i can n then IMMEDIATELY put a pc of gum in my mouth! For as rancid as those things are, they better help! :stuck_out_tongue: I tried RJ for a little while n it broke my face out so i quit. Have considered trying it again tho…we’ll see.


I got wheatgrass pills from Sprouts (our farmer’s market type grocery store – similar to Whole Foods). I take 7 pills/day. I also got royal jelly in pill form there.