When did you start testing after FET with positive test


I just did my FET transfer on July 24th and of course the wait is so so bad.lol seems like it take forever anyway I want to know what was the earliest you have tested with a positive result


I tested positive at 3dp5dt for my frozen transfer. :slight_smile:


5 days after a day 5 transfer -using wondfo (Internet cheapie). They have faint lines, but pick up very early. In amazon for $15 for 25 tests. Good luck!


For both of my FET’s I started getting BFP’s at 5dp5dt even thought the 1st betas were very different numbers. I used FRERs to test.


This time I picked up 4dp5dt but that’s unusual did u do a 5dt if so it should be positive by now you’re 8dp5dt