When did you stop PIO shots?


I’m exactly 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow and my RE just called to tell me to stop my PIO shots. Although my doctor says my progesterone levels are good, I’m worried I’m stopping too early.

When did you stop your PIO shots?


I took my last shot the night before I turned 8 weeks.


I stopped at about 6 weeks. My RE actually told me I could stop sooner than that but I told them I wasn’t comfortable doing that. About a week or so later I found out my actual progesterone levels - which were 300+. Once I heard that I figured it was safe to stop!


I didn’t stop till 12 weeks. Talk to your RE about it if you are concerned.


I stopped them at 12 weeks .
Good luck and congratulations for ur pregnancy


I stopped around 10 or 11 weeks, but I had been on weekly hydroxyprogesterone caproate since the positive beta. I stopped daily shots right after the beta. My RE nurse said if it made me nervous I could wean off them longer, but my RE said I actually could have stopped them sooner. I never had levels tested. Talk to them to get some reassurance.


I stopped at about 11 weeks, but my progesterone was always pretty low. Seems like most people end up stopping sooner.


I stopped at 6.5 weeks. It all depends on how your body is doing making progesterone. I hope they tested your levels when they told you to stop :slight_smile:


With my daughter, I stopped at 10 weeks; with my twins, I stopped at 12 weeks. My RE is very cautious, which is why I was on for so long. But it really depends on your progesterone levels.


Thanks everyone!
My doctor called me this morning explaining that my progesterone level was never a problem and he’s wary of actually extending PIO shots till the 8th-10th week unnecessarily since they may cause a masculinization of a possible female fetus.

So I guess it’s really a case by case basis. Wishing everyone a H&H pregnancy :grouphug: