When did you stop progesterone and estrogene after FET?


Just wondering when everybody else stopped progresterone and estrogen aftergetting pregnant with FET? I am 9w3d and my RE wants me to stop starting from today, cold turkey. Feels a bit early and audden for me, but maybe this is normal? Obviously, a bit nervous about it.


My RE had me stop at 10weeks and I thought that was early and I wasnt comfortable with it…so I continued everyother day with what I had left until they were all gone… which I think was about 11w5d…my RE and OB (as I was released to OB at 10 weeks) were okay with it.


Hello there,

My RE stopped my Estrogen around 10 weeks and progesterone at 16 weeks. Please make sure they check your progesterone levels, this is CRUCIAL!! To avoid any danger.

Even after I came off from Progesterone they kept an eye for 2 weeks. I think the norm for progesterone is around 12 weeks.

I stayed a bit longer because 1) a previous low progesterone issues and 2) because I was really paranoid. I had 2 friends that quit cold turkey and they had misscarages.

I DO NOT want to scare you because obviously your RE knows more but please make sure your progesterone levels are normal!!

Estrogen isn’t as “important” as progesterone until the placenta takes over.

Good luck and I wish you a healthy pregnancy!!



Thank you, Ladies.

I think my RE checked my levels last Werdnesday. He came up with the plan to stop it based on that, making me stop them Sunday. I am going back for bloodwork on Wednesday. I am still worried a little.


I stopped both at 12 weeks because that is what my RE told me to do. I would trust your RE. The clinic’s IVF success rates are published, so he/she has something invested in this pregnancy too. But if you are really worried, ask if it will hurt to continue the meds longer. Good Luck! :babydust:


I stopped both when I turned 14 weeks. After two days without medication, I went back for a blood test. Then the nurse confirmed that I am done!

This is the standard protocol for my RE. I always feel that it’s longest compared to other people. I guess 16 weeks is the winner now :wink:

Good luck to all you ladies!