When did your RE have you start taking lovenox


In my previous cycles that I had BFP but chemical, I started lovenox on the day of transfer. I changed RE recently and she wants me to start taking it on my first beta day if I get a BFP. I am concerned that this is not the right approach. With this new RE, I went against her instructions during my fresh cycle and took lovenox on the day of transfer but it ended in BFN with 2 CGH chromosomally normal blasts. All of my cycles that were BFP but chemical were FETs. Just wondering what do you all think and did your doctor made you do? I am hetero MTHFR (single copy) and positive for antiphospholipid antibody. I am not sure if my doctor missed that I have antiphospholipid antibody I know her nurse did, and I corrected her and didn’t think to ask my doctor if she knew I am positive for it (although it is in my records). I know if I am just positive for MTHFR hetero taking lovenox isn’t much of a concern. My old RE believed that positive antiphospholipid antibody cause implantation problem that was why he started making me take lovenox earlier and I went against my new RE instructions based on the old RE.


I have the C mutation of MTFHR, elevated phosphatidyl serine levels (antiphospholipid syndrome), and high levels of anti-thyroid antibodies. My RE had me take Lovenox 40mg twice a day when I started stims in my IVF cycles and when I started estrogens for my FET. I took it until I was 28.5 weeks, then they stopped it because delivery was imminent and they wanted me to have the opportunity for spinal anesthesia.

I would recommend taking it when the cycle starts. It’s not dangerous and could help with implantation…though nobody really knows. For what it’s worth, I also took baby aspirin, folbic, and a prenatal vitamin daily.

Best of luck!