When do you leave your re?


I have undergone three unsuccessful attempts at ivf, all that have been cancelled due to cysts. I am currently at u of mich, and I like my re. But I have only been on two protocols and I feel like the team is not listening to my needs or wants. When do you know when to leave? Has anyone else had problems with cysts and been successful. I am willing to fly anywhere in the world to have a baby.


Afer my IUIs and 4 losses, I switched to my current RE. He’s the only one I’ve done IVF with, but I knew it was time to switch for the same reasons you are feeling now. I didn’t think that anything was changing with my old RE, and knew moving forward with concerns was counterproductive.

It’s so important that you are comfortable with your team, and feel like they are listening to you. If you haven’t already, check out the SART data for clinics around you. Given that you’re willing to travel, there are several really highly rated clinics that could be perfect for you. Without knowing specifically what’s going on, it’s hard to recommend a clinic that specializes in your issues.

Good luck finding a clinic that fits- lots of positive thoughts and prayers sent your way.


I switched after 3 fresh cycles. It sounds like you already have doubt. A second opinion consult might make your decision easier. Good luck!


when to leave

I am a poor responder. I am only getting one large follice that grows faster than the other follicles. My amh is low. I have one blocked tube. I am realistic that this is a tough case but I responded really well on my afc (first round). I was hoping to find someone who would be as aggressive as I feel and feels confident that this plan is the best for me. I really appreciate the replies so far. I have been feeling so alone in the process. I am the only barren one in the family and all of my friends have children. I am holding on to faith.


I have a friend that has been trying for close to the 2 year mark. She went through 2 ob’s, and at least 2 specialists before she finally got an explanation as to why she was having problems getting pg. If you have doubts, I agree that a second opinion would either confirm your protocol or confirm that you might need a change. Good luck!


I switched to my 2nd RE when I had 3 unsuccessful rounds of IUI and my previous RE had me on the lowest dose of meds possible and wouldn’t move me. I only ever had 1 follicle develop and the rest were cysts (I have PCOS).

My 2nd RE really listened to me and we took an aggressive approach to IVF. I ended up with 30 eggs at retrieval and we transferred 3 perfect 5 day embryos and froze 5 more.

I am now looking at my beautiful 9 week old identical twin girls!

Follow your gut!

Good luck!!!:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


This is a really hard one. I know how you feel. I love my RE and always have. After 3 failed IVF cycles my hubby was thinking we may need to change RE’s but I was convinced that it was just our embryos and not the RE’s fault. We decided to stay with the RE and try donor embryos…it was a good decision because we now have an almost two year old little miracle boy!!

I think some people have bad experiences and NEED to change RE’s and I think some of us just have problems that the RE cannot fix. I fell into that second category. The important thing is for you to have faith in what your RE is doing. If you don’t…then it is time for a change.

Also, I just had my FET cycle cancelled due to a thick lining and a large cyst. Not sure if the cyst was the problem, but it sucks to think you are about to cycle, then find out you have to wait atleast another month. Good luck to you!!


Hi babyboyDD,

I am also a low responder and have only one tube (1 removed due to endo adhesions). I’ve had 3 REs.

I left the first one after 2IVFs and 2FTEs because I felt that he was an old school, though I liked him a lot. I left the second one after 1IVF because he couldn’t pinpoint the causes and wanted to repeat the same protocol which had failed.

Until then, I hadn’t thought about flying out of state, but I decided to do so because the next cycle will be my very last one before accepting a childless life.

Since you are willing to travel, I suggest that you do phone consults with a few top clinics. I did phone consults with SIRM (free) and CCRM ($250). Both were willing to try things my previous REs weren’t willing to try, and told me that I’d get either a baby or answer. I don’t think I’d go wrong with either one, but I decided to go for CCRM because they really wanted to scrutnize my case through various additiona testings, while SIRM suggested I jump into another cycle without much additional testings. I really need a RE who can scrutinize my problems.


I know someone who tried several cycles at a San Diego clinic, which you think would be top of the line , but had no success. They moved to Alabama and the clinic there assured them they could get them pregnant and they did!!! I think you need to at least talk to another clinic and if you can travel to some of the more outstanding nationwide clinics, research those!! Good luck!


Like you I’m a poor responder and the RE I worked with was willing to change protocol each time…they were not set in one way and reacted accordingly to how the previous cycle went. If you are currently going to the University of Michigan then I’m assuming you are in Michigan…

There is a great clinic in Grand Rapids called The Fertility Center…Dr. Dodds and Dr. Young are both great, they really listen to concerns and work with you. The thing I really liked is how upfront they are. Here is their website if you want to check them out:

Home Page | The Fertility Center - Michigan’s Infertility Specialists

Good luck!


I hadn’t thought about the phone consultations. I have been trying to comb through the saart data, but I realize that the “best” ivf places may have selectively cancelled the tough cases (like me). I plan to call CCRM and make a phone consultation. I really appreciate the info. I really want it to work with my re, i just don’t want to look back and say I wish I had…I made an appointment with dr dodds. I really thank you ladies for your advice. Keep it coming :grouphug:


Hi again,

I am not sure if SAAT data includes cancelled cycles.
With CCRM, there may be a long waiting time for a phone consult (mine was 6 weeks). If you don’t have a preference as to which Dr you want to talk to, you can ask who has the earliest available slot. I also noticed that after you make an appointment, you can always call them again and ask if there are any open slots due to cancellations. I waited 6 weeks because I needed time to put together my past medical records for them to review before the consult.

All of the 4 doctors there are excellent, I heard, but I wanted to talk to Dr. Schoolcraft, the head of the clinic and supposedly a wizard. Check the doctors’ specializations on their website and select the one who specializes in your problem.

After you speak with a few clinics, you will know which one you should go to, or at least your gut feeling will tell you something. Good luck!


when to leave your re

update.I went for two consultations so far. The first one at IVF michigan was like a failure. Doctor seemed more interested in money than success. Next doctor was very professional, never slammed my first re/ even offered to call and talk things over (suggestion). CCRM appt in two weeks! want to talk things over with dr davis’ (NY) team as well. Won’t get a scheduled appt until all of the paperwork is in place.