When do you stop adding supplements?


I have decided during the “waiting after IVF failed” period to take advantage of the you can get pregnant stage.

I take (in hopes it helps):
prenatal vitamin
Co Q 10 - 600 mg qd (reccomended by RE)
L- Carnatine - 500 mg qd (reccomended by RE)
DHEA - 75 mg qd (reccomended by RE)
Royal Jelly 500 - 1 qd (500 mg)
Ultra Acai extended release - 1200 mg

I see many taking Melatonin 3 mg qd also, but I don’t (yet)

Now to answer the question - When do you stop adding?



As far as we know, women only need to take 1 tablet of Prenatal 6 months before getting pregnant & also 1 year after that (for breastfeeding)

I don’t know exactly why you have to use so many medicines like that. Don’t you worry about the adverse events of so many supplements at the same time? Any drugs have their own side effects, not including drug interactions.

That’s why you should be careful when using so many medicines at the same time!!! Or, you can also take them with 2 hours separated, ok?!

Hope you’re doing well all the time!


Why were you taking melatonin? Just asking out of sheer curiosity. I’m also on Omega 3 from Webber Naturals, Extra Strength.